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"I visit lots of homes that have received your home packs during Covid-19 and I'm calling to let you know that they are lighting up people with smiles - Thank you for all your good work."

- Lynne, Community Nurse, Wirral


“Everything I see and hear about Happy Times Activities makes me thrilled that an organisation like this exists to provide fun and relaxation for vulnerable people. Well done!”

- Sue Williams


“Paul is non verbal yet he makes so much noise every Thursday when we are on our way to Happy times and often until we are leaving, he loves it.”

-Evonne, Paul's Support

“I can now sit in a circle and introduce myself, I thought I would be too shy to ever do this! My proudest moment is writing and reading my Unicorn presentation.”

- Emily, Regular Participant

“Roy can refuse to leave the house but explaining we are coming to see his friends and staff at Happy Times sees him 9 out of 10 times leaving the house but nothing else would do this for Roy. He loves relaxation, sensory and music and gets a lot out of happy times and as a result it has a massive influence on his mood and behaviour.”

- Colin, Roy’s Carer

“Paul is non-verbal but when we get him ready of a Thursday morning he knows exactly where we are going and he is verbal all the way. He smiles from the time we leave the house to when we are leaving your centre and we know it is because he enjoys seeing everyone - you all make him feel special. ”

- Evonne, Pauls Carer

“Since coming to Happy Times I have learnt lots of new things. I have more confidence and can talk in big groups. I can introduce myself and tell everyone how I feel without feeling shy. I join in sessions and talk in a big loud voice! At my mindful session’s I learnt lots of different ways to be calm and relax. The best thing about it though is making new friends, my best friend is Emma and we sit together in sessions and lunchtime and she likes it when I blow bubbles for her.”

- Emily, Participant

“Without Happy Times a lot of people would not be given the opportunities they have to try new things, meet people and make friends.”

- Emma, Support Worker

“I love coming to Happy Times it has made such a difference to my life. I have friends now and have learnt things here that help to keep me calm. I am learning new things all the time and Helen is helping me with things that may help me to get work.”

- Tom, Participant & Volunteer

“On Alan’s first visit we really didn’t think he would join in or even stay! After a short time, it was a shock to witness not only was he settling in but enjoying it and over time he has built a strong rapport with the staff that I have never witnessed happen. We are surprised to see him smiling, laughing it is the only place he does this and it’s the only time he has without his staff too, which I think must be lovely for him. The biggest outcome has to be him saying words its unbelievable. He can get upset often at home, so now we do things with him that he enjoys here and Gina who comes also joins in, before long they are both happy and calm. You are all wonderful and we are all very grateful for Happy Times.”

- Alan, Alan’s Support.

"Elaine used to be visited by Happy Times at home. We never envisaged that she would be able to attend your centre and certainly not sit still for 5 mins. The fact she lies down and enjoys a full 1hr massage is unbelievable to all of us that know her well! The results of her visiting and from her massage have been totally life changing, as apart from driving around in the car she doesn’t get out much and never wants to go anywhere. Mondays are her favourite day and she has the best sleep ever after being at Happy Times."

- Julie, Elaine’s Support.

"Coming here is by far his favourite place to come. Helen has gained a relationship with Tom that he knows he can trust and we are all witnessing positive things every session. Visiting here has opened up Toms world and nobody including me can believe how he runs from the car as usually he needs plenty of encouragement to go anywhere. Thank you we so grateful and happy that it has paid off."

- Moira, Toms Mum


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